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D9b/g TyGRe 2013 March Newsletter


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News & updates on TyGRe

The Fourth project meeting was held on March 20th – 22nd 2013.

The meeting was hosted by ENEA (the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) in Trisaia Research Centre, and all the partners were well represented.

The meeting was coupled with an external review performed by technical experts selected by the EC Commission. Each WP leader presented the activities; besides the appreciations for the work performed in the project, for the solutions found to overcome the obstacles by the partnership and for the results achieved up to that moment, the reviewers provided a very interesting point of view on technical and commercial aspects of both the performed and the ongoing activities, giving valuable remarks and suggestions to be carefully considered during the final development of the project and in the next future.

After the completion of the different process modules, performed by ENEA, IMEC, RWTH and TUBITAK, the prototypal plant (fig. 1) has been located at ENEA “Trisaia” Research Centre to test in pilot scale the process developed. 

Assembled prototypal plant
Fig. 1 – Assembled prototypal plant

Under the supervision of ENEA, the final assembly of the experimental facility has been executed and the start-up of the prototypal plant is in execution.

In the meantime ENEA and IMEC optimized the sintering of the TyGReSiC: the powders obtained in bench scale were successfully sintered in simple shapes. After a preliminary survey on different sintering processes, the liquid phase sintering was selected for and pressureless and SPS techniques were successful applied. High density, up to 98% T.D. was reached.

Finally, hardness was measured on selected samples sintered by SPS and pressureless methods. The results are in line with the expected values (see table 1). 

Table 1 – TyGreSiC mechanical characterisation
Mechanical Properties
Sintered density
(% T.D.)
(MPa m1/2)
Commercial SiC      



How you can find TyGRe...

Some methodological aspects concerning the sustainability assessment of TyGRe (WP7) have been presented at the 6th SETAC World Congress held at Berlin, in May 2012. The papers are enclosed in the congress proceedings. It has been an opportunity for discussing the Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis approach adopted in the project with the LCA scientific community.

TyGRe achievements have been presented at the 20th Annual ETRA Conference, held at Brussels in March 2013. The project was presented in a session dedicated to the advances made in developing technologies to recycle the various compounds used in tyres, and the development of end-use products from materials that result from such recycling processes. An article concerning this event will be published on SiC & More issue #49

Selected results have been accepted and published on peer review journals. Other papers have been submitted and are under review.

TyGRe project was disseminated by several newsletters (TyGRenews, Rete Italiana LCA, Tyrepress, etc.), Innovation seeds website and ENEA webTV.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 226549 call FP7-ENV-2008-1


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