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D9b/f TyGRe 2011 October Newsletter


  • TyGRe starts its “second phase”
  • CoMeTas A/S will officially change its name to LiqTech International, A/S

TyGRe starts its “second phase”

The third meeting of the TyGRe project was held in Budapest, Hungary on Tuesday and Wednesday, 5th and 6th of July, 2011. The sessions were beautifully orchestrated by Dr. János Szépvölgyi, Director of the  IMEC (Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry – Hungary). All of the working partners were represented.


Dr. János Szépvölgyi welcomed the partners and chaired the two days’ work scheduled.

meeting photo
meeting photo

The project coordinator, Dr. Sergio Galvagno, gave an overview on the state of the project and formulated the goals of Budapest meeting. The process for the production of silicon carbide starting from waste tyre and alternative silica source was developed in laboratory, so the second phase of the project is now started: the construction of the prototypal facility to test in pilot scale the process and the quality of the produced SiC. The meeting was mainly dedicated to the definition of the mechanical interfaces for prototype scale component.

Each WP Leader presented a technical review of the individual experimental activities was presented: the sintering of newly produced SiC, the results of gas seperation, the selection of the energy production engine,  and so on, highlighting the progress achieved in the period and the relationships and dependencies among the individual parts have been illustrated.

meeting photo
meeting photo
 meeting photo

Great attention was devoted to the details of the process aspects primarily in relation to the installation of the prototype facility necessary to test process in pilot scale.

Different modules technical specifications (i.e. gasification unit, gas separation unit, gas upgrading, SiC production unit and energy production unit) were presented and discussed; the updated version of the whole prototypal plant flow-sheet has been examined to allocate ancillary equipments and the main issues for the modules interfaces and the control system have been discussed.

Special attention was dedicated to the permission documents of the plant, required for the installation and final assembly.

Apart from the prototype plant, the partnership focused the attention on the results achieved and their exploitation.

An analysis of  the existing market has been performed and it was defined a strategy to approach selected sectors in view of the commercial exploitation of TyGRe SiC.

The IPR aspects were extensively discussed: project achievements have great potentials for patents in the chemical enginering and Material Science area. For this reason the results were carefully considered to avoid the disclosure of sensible information.

In addition, the publication of selected results of TyGRe project on peer review journals will be promoted.

On this basis, the preparation of the dissemination event scheduled at ECOMONDO 2011 was started.

During the event the project results and outcomes achieved up to now will be presented.

After the meeting, there was great consciousness of the potential of this project amoung the partners as well as the TyGRe output materials. The project is continuing on its right way with dynamic collaboration amoung the partners.

CoMeTas, A/S announces name change to LIQTECH INTERNATIONAL, A/S

CoMeTas A/S will officially change its name to LiqTech International, A/S.

LiqTech International A/S (former CoMeTas) is part of the company LiqTech International, Inc, which has been listed in New York on OTCBB Stock Exchange under the symbol LIQT since August 25, 2011. With the name change, the corporation between LiqTech International A/S and LiqTech A/S is emphasized, and will allow for even better synergies between the Silicon Carbide R&D groups.

For more information please visit:

LiqTech logo

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 226549 call FP7-ENV-2008-1


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