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D9b/h TyGRe 2014 March Newsletter


  • “This is the end, my friends…” or a new start?
  • TyGRe at the 20th Annual ETRA Conference…
  • … and 17th ECOMONDO

“This is the end, my friends…” or a new start?

With the end of December 2013 TyGRe project ends his running. Significant achievements have been gained during this challenging and exciting adventure 52 months long.

The SiC powder produced in prototypal scale by TyGRe process was successfully sintered in test manufacts (pellets) and membranes. The ceramic powder obtained from waste tyre was processed using different sintering methods at ENEA and LIQTECH facilities.

Microstructure of the sintered pellet obtained using TyGReSiC
Microstructure of the sintered pellet obtained using TyGReSiC


Typical mechanical properties of TyGReSiC and commercial sintered samples
Flexural Strength
at room temperature
(MPa m1/2)

The results demonstrate that TyGReSiC can be used for industrial purposes.

Considering that the main purpose of TyGRe was to provide a sustainable solution for waste tyre recovery by producing high added value ceramics this remarkable achievement represents a big success for the project.

In addition the assessment of the sustainability of the scenario including SiC production from waste tyre and the analysis of potential markets for TyGReSiC suggested interesting perspectives for new developments of the technology in view of the industrial exploitation a future commercial application.

Collected results encourage the consortium to continue the development of this way even after the end of the project.


TyGRe at the 20th Annual ETRA Conference…

European Conference on Tyre Recycling. Working together towards a recycling society

The 20th annual ETRA Conference was held on March 20-23 2013 in Brussels.

An entire and special Panel was devoted to the TyGRe project. Starting from waste tyres, the project was developed to produce high value added output material, the Silicon Carbide, with characteristics comparable to the SiC commercially available on the market.

TyGRe provided an example of material and energy recovery from wastes to produce valuable products.

The special guest of the Tygre Panel was Paul Harris editor of SiC & More, the world wide magazine on the Silicon Carbide industry. He made a considerable description of the world SiC industry market in its trends, that gave a solid perspectives to the future of the TyGReSiC.

An interesting discussion was developed involving speakers and attendances concerning the presented technologies and the expected improvements for the market.

Tyres photographed by Eric Cabanis/AFP/Getty Images

Photograph: Eric Cabanis/AFP/Getty Images


… and 17th ECOMONDO


Ecomondo is the most reliable platform to the basin of southern Europe and the Mediterranean for the valorization and reuse of materials and for the large industry of the future, also known as the Green Economy.

In this frame a workshop entitled "Recycling - A Valuable Source of Materials" has set the objective of providing an overview of what Europe and Italy are doing to deal with the problem of materials recovery and recycling, with specific emphasis on technologies and processes dedicated to particularly critical types of waste and industrial residues.

The workshop was organized by CTS ECOMONDO and ENEA with the support of FEDERCHIMICA, and TyGRe project results were presented to the audience.

The discussion highlighted the importance to step over the linear economy (which starts from the withdrawal of resources, flows from production and consumption, and ends in the production of waste) to gain a circular economy, which provides new life for materials.

A key concept of the workshop was to transfer to the operators the sense of an efficiency-oriented approach in the use of materials, starting from their procurement, passing through the use and up to their recovery and reuse.

People at Ecomondo
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 226549 call FP7-ENV-2008-1


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